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We hike the trails of Lassen National Park and Caribou Wilderness.  Our maps are free to you, the hiker.


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Rules for Lassen National Park hikes

  • no permits needed for dayhikers
  • overnight hikes require a permit*
  • horses require a permit**
  • no soaking allowed in hot springs***
  • no dogs or bicycles allowed on trails


*Wilderness camping permit.  Camping not allowed in some areas (the suggested campsites on our hike maps area are all allowed).  Campfires not allowed.

**Horses are allowed on all trails (with a permit) except:

  • Manzanita Lake loop
  • Lassen Peak up-and-back
  • Cinder Cone semi-loop: not allowed on the Cone.
  • Reflection Lake loop
  • Devils Kitchen in-and-back: not allowed past the hitching rail just above the Kitchen
  • Bumpass Hell trail.  This is used by Bumpass Hell in-and-back Conard Meadow shuttle, & Twin Meadows shuttle

*** except for the hot spring-fed swimming pool at Drakesbad (must be paid guest)

see more rules at Lassen National Park