Cold Boiling Lake         Crumbaugh Lake in October            gas bubbles at Cold Boiling Lake

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We hike the trails of Lassen National Park and Caribou Wilderness.  Our maps are free to you, the hiker.


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Crumbaugh Lake in-and-back

season:  Aug-Oct (snow Nov-June, mosquitos July)

length:  2.8 miles

elevation gain:  300'

elevation range:  7200-7500'

rules: Lassen National Park

trailhead map

hike map


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A short and easy hike in to beautiful Crumbaugh Lake. 

The trailhead is at King Creek Picnic Area, next to the fetching and energetic Kings Creek.

On the hike out to the lake, take a look at the gas bubbles languidly rising in a marshy pool at the edge of Cold Boiling Lake.