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We hike the trails of Lassen National Park and Caribou Wilderness.  Our maps are free to you, the hiker.


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Horseshoe Lake loop

season:  Aug-Oct (snow Nov-June, mosquitos July)

length:  20.4 miles

elevation gain:  1850'

elevation range:  6000-6700'

rules: Lassen National Park

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This a very long dayhike.  But if you are considering your first 20 mile day, this would be a good one.  There is plenty of variety to keep it interesting, but no major climbs to make it overly difficult.  And if necessary to bail out, a hiker can take the cutoff from Rainbow Lake down to Snag Lake.

It visits most of the biggest lakes in the Park.  And they have fine campsites for those sensible people who will do this as an overnight trip.

The cinder fields from Mile 1 to Mile 3 are probably the hardest part; the rest is easy, well maintained, backcountry trail.