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We hike the trails of Lassen National Park and Caribou Wilderness.  Our maps are free to you, the hiker.


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Twin Meadows shuttle

season:  Aug-Oct (snow Nov-mid July, mosquitos July)

length:  14.4 miles  (15.4 mile shuttle)

elevation gain:  550'

elevation range:  4900-8400'

rules: Lassen National Forest & Lassen National Park

trailhead map, lower
trailhead map, upper

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This is a long downhill hike.  The elevation change from the high point near Bumpass Hell down to the end at Childs Meadow is 3450', greater than that of any other hike in the Lassen area.

Different species prefer different elevations, and hiker will visit a variety of habitats on this hike.

This hike samples some of just about every type of feature found in Lassen, with the exception of a peak summit.

The trail is rarely used in the Twin Meadows area, and is faint in places.  This is a trip for experienced hikers.