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Hydrothermal Areas

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We hike the trails of Lassen National Park and Caribou Wilderness.  Our maps are free to you, the hiker.


Sacramento Valley
Hiking Conference



Campgrounds with pit toilets

Butte Lake area

Big Pine Campground

Butte Creek Campground


Caribou Wilderness area

Bogard Campground

Rocky Knoll Campground

Silver Bowl Campground


Chester Area

High Bridge Campground

Juniper Lake Campground

Last Chance Campground

Warner Creek Campground

Warner Valley Campground


Heart Lake area

Battle Creek Campground

Hole in the Ground Campground


Main Park Road

Crags Campground

Summit Lake South Campground


Upper N. Fork Feather River

Domingo Springs

Gurnsey Campground

Elam Campground